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Percy Big Bang!
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Percy Weasley Big Bang

The concept of the big bang is fairly simple: writers create a long fanfic (in this case, 15,000+ words) with Percy Weasley as a central character; artists will create fanart to accompany the piece.


Of course you do, sweetheart. But this is Percy we're talking about. There are rules.


001. Your completed work must be at least 15,000 words in length. More is encouraged! But because Percy gets so little love in fandom -- cue fangirl tears -- the length requirement is lower than most big bangs to encourage participation.

002. Your completed work must be original. You may complete a piece that you have already started, providing that you have not yet posted your unfinished parts anywhere.

003. You must include Percy as your central character. Other characters are, of course, welcome, but the focus must be Percy.

004. This is a very inclusive big bang. You can write gen, het, slash, or crossover fic, and the content is entirely up to you. All that is asked is that any characters engaged in sexual activity be of the proper age (non-graphic, passing mentions of underage sexuality are welcome; just leave out the gory details, please.)

005. You must have a draft ready for your artist by April 16, 2010.

006. A final draft must be ready by June 16, 2010.

007. Art will be assigned in a tiered fashion. The minimum word requirement for this fest, as mentioned, is 15,000 words. This is lower than the usual requirement for Big Bangs, which is 20,000 words. We want everyone to have art, but we are realistic in understanding that there has been a problem recently with a lack of artists. Therefore, if you write between 15,000 and 19,999 words, we will do our absolute best to get you art (and we will love you forever and ever, into eternity, and will encourage everyone everywhere to put all kinds of love all over your fic!), but we cannot guarantee it. However, if you write at least 20,000 words, we will guarantee you art. We think that this is a fair solution. The more artists that sign up, the higher your odds are of getting art... so spread the word!


001. Your art must be original. It may be traditional art, graphic art, comic art, or soundtrack art. Other types may be acceptable, so please ask!

002. Your art must be based on the fic that it is illustrating.

003. Your final draft must be ready by June 16, 2010.

to become an affiliate, contact the mods: percybigbang@gmail.com

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